Monday, March 12, 2012

TAST - Running Stitch WIP

TAST Work in Progress!
Take A Stitch Tuesday - Week 10 was the Running Stitch. If you don't know about Sharon B's TAST challenge,  go to her website at and click on challenges. She has some great tutorials, and I am inspired by the things I see there. I used an ultra-suede for rabbit, and my thumb is so sore from pulling the DMC floss through the batting, linen background, and ultra-suede that I had to take a break from the project. I plan to finish. The hill will have tan running stitches. in a sort of semi-circular fashion embellishment. I also will quilt the background. I am planning a black outline stitch around the rabbit and hill and I will also add more stitches to the linen background. This is mostly in a monochromatic browns/tans/white color scheme. This little piece will finish about 11inches square. The blue thread basting the rabbit and the hill will be removed. Any comments are appreciated. Next time I will NOT use a fabric as dense as ultra suede! I also only started the challenge on Friday Night, so you can see I am was late getting started. It was fun!

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Podunkpretties said...

Your quilt is lovely, very inspiring to a traditional quilter. Can you suggest any references for this type of quilting?