Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Round Robin Step 2

I've been experimenting with shibori so I could add it to my dyeing skills. As mentioned before I belong to a Yahoo Surface Design Group and we are working on a Round Robin Surface Design. Here is Michelle Lasker's fabric after I added my arashi shibori to her yellow and orange tie dyed fabric. You can still see the original design, because the shibori pattern is a very subtle green. I was afraid to alter her fabric, but finally got the nerve. The color I used is "Avocado" from Dharma Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes. I tested the color on a piece of PFD I had, and then went for it. I was a little disappointed that her fabric didn't seem to take the dye as well. as my sample, but I still think the pattern is good. I'm showing a detail and the whole fabric in the pictures. I like what the avocado color did to the orange and red she started with. I hope she will like it too.