Friday, October 30, 2009

Hanging On

I watched a DVR'd episode of "Sewing with Nancy (Zieman)" last weekend with my husband about Quilting with Ombre Fabrics. Jim couldn't get over the quilt that was shown, and he kept telling me..."you can make one of those." I really appreciate when my husband gets excited about a quilt so I took him up with the challenge. We drove down to Fabric Shack and purchased a graduated screen print fabric from the Caryl Bryer Fallert line.
I made this little top with only 2 fabrics. I fussy cut some leaves and the trees and background are from the ombre fabric. I was surprised how fun (and freeing) this quilt was to make. I always stress about raw edges. This time I didn't and I just used a glue stick to tack the pieces in place. I also used Wonder Under to stick the leaves to the trees. I'm calling this quilt "Hanging On" because it reminds me of the last nice Fall days before the Winter comes. The kind of days where the leaves are so pretty with color and the day is warm like an Indian Summer.
In the episonde, Nancy Zieman tells you to use a permanent marker like a sharpy and draw on the tree making extra leaves, twigs and bark. I was a little intimidated to make my marks permanent, but what the heck, I gave it a try. It was really fun. The top was made and basted in just a few evenings. I'll be quilting it soon. I was so impressed with this direct way of working that I ordered more fabrics online so I can do some more playing!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Preston is playing on the floor - getting "belly" time as my son calls it.

I know he has something to say. His face tells the story. He is probably telling me about how it looks to be at ground level.

I've been thinking about the "worm's eye view" (figuratively speaking) since I don't believe worms have eyes. I think it would make an unexpected and interesting viewpoint for an art quilt. Time to get out my sketchbook and play!